Cindy Hite
Voice-Over, Vocal Talent & Actress
Palm Beach, Florida

Cindy Hite, Professional Voice Talent

Bronze Winner
of  New York Festivals International 1998 Competition, "Radio Programming and Promotion".
America's Most International Awards Show.
"The Worlds Best Work"
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Cindy Hite
Professional Background Summary

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Cindy Hite has been a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, for twenty-five years. She has been active in Radio, TV, Theater and Audio / Video Productions since her college days at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, where she hosted her first radio program. She followed in the footsteps of her father, Bob Hite, Sr., 36 years with CBS, and legendary narrator of the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, and other early radio shows at WXYZ, Detroit.   Her brother, Bob Hite, has been NBC news anchorman at WFLA Ch. 8, in Tampa, for over 30 years and recently retired in 2008.

Today, Cindy pursues her music and free-lance voice talent work.  Her original compositions include not only her own lyrics, but also some of her favorite classic poetry which she has set to music, such as Shakespeare's Sonnet #29, and a poem by Charles II of England which she titled, Pleasures of Love.  With her band, Time & A Half,  Cindy performs a variety of music that spans the decades for large private events and concerts.  Last season she performed with the 42nd Street Big Band on Florida's West Coast and their associated Symphony for Christmas performances amongst others.  Her long experience and versatility as a narration and voice-over artist always keeps her in demand.  With her home studio, Cindy responds to voice-over requests from around the world.  

In recent years, Cindy was a radio personality at WRLX FM 92.1, West Palm Beach, Florida, also hosting Sunday Jazz Brunch.  She was also heard on WJNO News-Talk Radio where she served as news anchor/field reporter and co-hosted and anchored news on the weekend magazine style, Saturday Morning Report.

Her resonant and soothing, distinctively penetrating voice - addictive to many listeners - has become her trademark, and her voice is frequently demanded by advertising executives for that reason.  "Cindy Hite can read you the phone book and make you want to buy the numbers!"

Her ability to articulate and incredible range of voice characterizations, including "child" voices and foreign accents, and her talents as an accomplished vocalist with a four octave range, land her many voice-over jobs for radio and TV.  Cindy frequently plays several roles in one recording session, including those for hard-to-schedule and cast, little children's voices and professional vocalists and guitarists.

Cindy Hite's experience and accomplishments as a writer, lyricist and songwriter/composer come in handy for many producers, and frequently she is contracted to produce copy and custom music as well for radio spots, jingles or TV commercials, film, and more recently for Web Site Narration.

As a lead vocalist, Cindy continues to perform in upscale area establishments and special events in the commercial and private sectors.

Cindy Hite gained experience in many related fields, including TV/video work, with Kinship Productions under Bob Hite, Jr. in Tampa, Florida. She wrote the lyrics and composed the music for a number of songs and jingles, all of which were performed by Cindy herself as an accomplished vocalist, guitarist and narrator. A music video called "Kingdom of the Sea", written, composed and performed by Cindy and produced by her brother Bob Hite earned them two Florida Emmy Awards in 1989. It aired as a special feature on NBC's affiliate, WFLA Tampa. The environmentally inspired piece highlighting the pollution of our waters earned recognition in the categories music, camera work and editing.

Cindy Hite has hosted two TV shows, "Medical Review" and "Inside Pro-Baseball", both produced in Palm Beach County. She has been the on-camera talent and / or voice talent in numerous TV and radio commercials. Cindy has narrated full length documentary films, such as "Journey into Wilderness" which has aired on Discovery Channel and "Lady of the Glades" for Miami Public TV which aired in November, 1996. Major commercial work includes training films for Motorola and AT&T.  Cindy's voice can be heard at the Disney World Motorola Pavilion.  

As an experienced vocalist and guitarist, Cindy has performed at several concerts in Florida, and in theater she excelled in leading roles, whether classic or modern, including numerous professional Shakespeare Festival productions.  As, "Viola," in Twelfth Night, she set Feste's poems to music and sang played them on guitar.  Her championship background in fencing and accomplishments in dance helped to develop her talent as a fencing and classic fight choreographer.  Though her accolades are in regional and national competitions, on March 1, 2003, Cindy took first place in another form of fencing known as "classic," at the First Annual Historic Fencing Tournament in Tequesta, Florida.  See  click on "events."


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